Should CBD be your cup of tea?

CBD is getting a LOT of press these days. Some good, some bad. Both for good reason. I want to clarify what we are discussing here is NOT Marijuana, which is a completely different hemp plant species that is known for it’s high psychoactive effects and addictive qualities.

Like many natural substances out there, there isn’t the regulation in the field that you may find with other things. Because of this, imposters to the real thing are not in short supply.

When many individuals go looking for a natural solution (before they are well informed) they may think buying from one source over the other is just the same as buying the store brand cola over the name brand. May not taste equally as great, but most of the time you can’t notice a difference. I want to emphasize, when it comes to your health and needing real results, you simply cannot use this same reasoning. It can and oftentimes will get you in trouble, or at the very least, discouraged and jaded. This is happens with many people who try CBD and it’s a very sad thing, because the potential benefits with CBD usage (I’ll say the very commonly seen benefits) include whole body improvements.

In the same way that named brand cola and store brand is not the same, all CBD is not the same. It is simply not all created the same, and because of this they will not all respond the same in your body. I promise you the CBD you find at the gas station with its’ fancy packaging and written claim to be the real deal, just isn’t. If you do receive any small benefit from this synthetic substance, it will be small and short lived. For some, they have been dealt harmful side effects by using and consuming these synthetic versions. The planting, growing, and harvesting of real organic hemp is an expensive and detailed process that takes years to master. Producing a CBD product that has all the benefits and none of the junk takes a lot of care, concern, and diligence. The faceless companies producing massive amounts of CBD at dirt cheap prices are not practicing the same.

So why am I saying all this? Not to scare you, but to simply inform you. Everyone has an endocannabinoid system with receptors for these molecules all over their bodies, meaning you have a natural need for cannabinoids, like the ones you find in CBD/Hemp products. When your body needs these things and doesn’t have them, unpleasant effects can be seen and felt. When you supply your body these things that it needs, wonderful things will be seen and felt. A body depleted will never operate as well as it would otherwise. One product has relieved a sleep problem I’ve dealt with for years, and it did so by filling a deficiency my body was suffering from.

I have decided to support a company that has 7 generations of organic Hemp farming experience, and my practice has decided to partner with them to bring their products to many people that can benefit. This company is based out of eastern North Carolina and you can learn more about it here.

It is also interesting to note that by supporting Hemp farmers you are supporting the agriculture of one of the oldest cultivated plants! Hemp is used in the manufacturing of many different materials, not just medicinal ones!

So, should CBD be your cup of tea? I say yes! But only if you are willing to avoid synthetic versions that have the potential of doing you harm, or the products that are mostly fillers, leaving you with little to no benefit. A great way to know what you are getting from your CBD products is to review the Certificate of Analysis that shows the third party testing for not only purity, but also actual content of cannabinoids. If you are not able to easily retrieve this from the company you are shopping from, it may lead one to question “why not?” An example of what these look like can be found by going here, and clicking on the series of numbers underneath “COAs” found half-way down the page.

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