Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been seen as a favorite past-time, a luxurious gift to one’s self or another, a magical solution, or an all out obsession to others. For some, they’re seen as a gimmick. Why the large spread of feelings for something that still to some, seems like some completely inconsequential thing? To answer this,… Continue reading Why Essential Oils?

Should CBD be your cup of tea?

CBD is getting a LOT of press these days. Some good, some bad. Both for good reason. I want to clarify what we are discussing here is NOT Marijuana, which is a completely different hemp plant species that is known for it’s high psychoactive effects and addictive qualities. Like many natural substances out there, there… Continue reading Should CBD be your cup of tea?

Finding Peace in the Chaos

We are living in a very challenging time where our strengths and weakness are becoming more and more evident to ourselves. The only constant in life is change. I would venture to say none of us know anyone who has not been affected by this pandemic in some way. Through this, we have the choice… Continue reading Finding Peace in the Chaos

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