Functional Microbiome Analysis

Your gut and Microbiome is a glimpse into your overall health and well-being both for now, and the future. So many GI disorders go misdiagnosed or ignored because it is a very complex system that is largely misunderstood.

When using a stool test, it’s important to consider the functions of the microbes in your gut. While most stool tests report a handful of important species, they don’t really give you any insight into how these species affect your gut or overall health. Plus, addressing the presence of pathogens, rather than their actual abundance, can lead people to believe that any pathogenic bacteria in any amount is cause for concern. This is an oversimplified and dangerous approach because it doesn’t take into consideration that very small levels of pathogens are necessary for certain functions in the gut! BiomeFx goes above and beyond by connecting the microbes in your gut to their specific functions. This method allows for more accurate conclusions and dietary recommendations. Some of the exciting functions that are a part of the report include vitamin production, Beta-glucuronidase activity, short-chain fatty acids production, histamine degradation (DAO activity), and a lot more.

Gut microbes perform so many tasks for the human body that it would be nearly impossible to survive without them. The BiomeFx Functional Microbiome Analysis includes functions that can help you discover the metabolic activity in your gut and understand how this connects to your current state of health. For example, the production of secondary bile acids can be linked to certain bile-tolerant species. These toxic compounds are associated with high-fat diets and poor fat digestion. Secondary bile acids can decimate important keystone species, such as Lactobacillus species, and breed intestinal inflammation in large amounts.

The BiomeFx report will reveal how your microbiome is utilizing dietary fats, what foods could benefit your microbiome, and how your current diet is affecting your health.

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