Health Consult

Lifestyle change is the first necessary step to heal your body or mind.

Depending on your individual complaint or health status, a Hair Mineral Analysis will most likely be performed first. This will give us insight on your mineral ratios, which is a great indicator of overall health and resiliency to dis-ease. While a typical blood test may see mineral levels, this is not enough information. For an adequate test mineral RATIOS need to be examined, to be sure that proper balance is reached in the cell. This hair analysis through Trace Elements will also check for the presence of heavy metals- an increasing problem.

Depending on what your specific complaints are and where your medical history leads, additional testing may be requires, such as an urinalysis, stool test, or blood test.

Our phone consult will consist of about 20 minutes of a brief overview of your current quality of life and health status, and what your goals are.

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