Transfer Factors

These tiny, tiny molecules are a huge advancement into immunology research. These molecules are unknown to much of current medical professionals, but they are a key component in maintaining an educated immune system. While not taught about in medical schools, even though 4Life’s Transfer Factor supplements are included in the Physician’s Desk Reference (a collection of available drugs and supplements that MD’s are able to prescribe to their patients,) many other health professionals are starting to learn about the impact these molecules have on the Immune System.

Recently, Transfer Factors have been studied in the fight against COVID-19, largely because of their influence on T-cells. Read about it here.

Transfer factor molecules are comprised of almost entirely of amino acids. They are manufactured by helper T cells, and act like a cousin to antibodies. They work to educate the Immune system on when to attack and what to attack, while encoding information on antigens like a memory, so your Natural Killer cells know how to respond. In fact, these molecules put so much information into your body that your Natural Killer cells can increase up to 400% to fight off a pathogen (a fungus, virus, bacteria, etc) oftentimes eliminating it before you even knew it was there.

History of Transfer Factor Molecules

These molecules were discovered in the human body in 1954 through studies done by Henry Lawrence, a pioneer in cell-mediated immunity. Initially, cell-mediated immunity was discovered in guinea pigs in 1943 after immunity was “transferred” from one to another via injection. This understanding of transferring immunity is where the name Transfer Factor came from. Originally, Transfer Factors were extracted in research and clinical application through blood, but it was found that the process allowed for contamination. From the 1950’s through the 1980’s over 60 countries were involved in the research of these molecules, including 40 million dollars from just the United States. By the end, over 3,000 studies were performed. In the late 80’s it was discovered that mother’s passed on their Transfer Factor molecules to their babies via colostrum, the early breast milk. This is one of the things that makes breast milk so healthy for babies. Shortly after this discovery, it was discovered that cows have the same process, and it was noticed that calves who did not receive colostrum often died.

In 1989 two researchers were able to patent a process that extracted the Transfer Factors from cow colostrum which allowed for a concentrated form of the molecules. Their names were Dr. Gary Wilson and Dr. Greg Paddock. They completed all the testing to allow for USDA approval for the extraction process. Now, this technology is still isolating Transfer Factors from cow colostrum, drying them, and putting them in capsules so humans (or other animals) can take them orally, without any of the complications previously experienced from blood extraction and transmission.

In the early 1990’s a man by the name of David Lisonbee was looking through research to find a natural solution to health problems, and came across the Transfer Factor research. Eventually he and his wife started a research company, 4Life, that is dedicated to Transfer Factor research, and currently produces the Transfer Factor supplement that can be seen in the Physician’s Desk Reference. Because this supplement has an animal source it is not required to be prescribed by a doctor in order to consume in America, because it can be sold as a nutritional supplement.

Chicken egg yolks were also discovered to have these immune educating molecules, and when they are combined together with those found in cow colostrum the result is a set of molecules more powerful than those found in humans. This is due to the fact that animals are exposed to many more pathogens than humans are, because we live in a cleaner environment. By taking Transfer Factors that have an origin in both chicken and cow, we receive the benefits of having cell-mediated immunity to many more pathogens, protecting ourselves from a greater expanse of possible illnesses.

How can I get them?

To my knowledge, there is only one company that manufactures both the colostrum based Transfer Factors with those extracted from Egg Yolk, and also the only company I am aware of that can be found in the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference.) You can order those products here.

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