Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Living a healthy life, or healing from an illness, requires a balanced inside environment. This is the only environment that is truly favorable to proper function and healing. The correct fuels (food) are needed which will allow for proper function of all systems- and that doesn’t mean following the diet that is most popular. To explain,certain vitamins and minerals are needed to complete many biochemical processes, and are a part of the “ingredients” to make many hormones. Without the proper ingredients hormones can’t properly be made and the effects are a stressed endocrine system resulting in hormonal imbalance,which has an impact on every area of your life. What is truly necessary to find underlying causes of certain conditions, is information about your biochemistry and what is occurring to you at the cellular level. We are a collection of cells, therefore, what is happening to them is happening to the rest of our body. Thankfully, there is an extremely easy and non-invasive way to get all of this information, using a hair sample. A hair sample gives us that information by detailing the amount of minerals and heavy metals that are,or are not, circulating in your body. Minerals are extremely important, and unfortunately often overlooked completely, or are recommended without understanding the environment they need in the body to be used properly. Heavy metal toxicity is also a big problem that is quite often missed. When heavy metals have “clogged” the cells, nutrients are not able to enter the cells and sickness follows. These metals can also block hormone production, leading to all the problems that a hormone imbalance can cause.

It is important to know not all hair analysis labs provide adequate information, or perform accurate testings, leading to unsatisfactory results. This is why Dr. B will send your hair sample to Trace Elements Lab, an internationally recognized lab since 1984. You will receive in return a detailed 10 page report (that’s actually easy to understand) about your biochemistry. This will include information about the amount of minerals present and their ratios, heavy metals, your metabolic type, and a detailed description for each level below the reference range on how this is influencing your health. Dietary and supplementary recommendations are also detailed in the report for how to correct the deficiency or imbalances. Trace Elements has superior products with excellent manufacturing practices to ensure quality and consistency. Their supplements are created with an understanding of how minerals and vitamins interact with each other and other ingredients, to be sure everything you are taking is actually absorbed, instead of being turned into expensive urine (which sadly is what happens to many supplements when recommended without an understand of the cellular environment). Learn more about the production of these superb supplements, manufactured by Albion, as you watch this very informative video here.

Gathered at here is more explanation on what is gathered from your hair analysis:

  • Development of a precise nutritional therapeutic approach based on the recognition of eight (8) individual biochemical types using elemental analysis of hair.
  • Categorization of individual nutrients according to their sympathetic or parasympathetic effects.
  • Recognition of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic responses to metabolic dysfunctions.
  • Recognition of the vitamin/mineral, mineral/mineral and vitamin/vitamin interrelationships in the nutritional recommendations.
  • Establishment of the link between the nutritional, neurological and endocrine systems, as determined by hair mineral patterns.
  • Development of metabolic supplements synergistically formulated for specific metabolic types.
  • Identification of endocrine interrelationships and their impact upon biochemical and nutritional status; recognition of specific nutritional influences upon the biochemical and endocrine systems.

With this hair tissue analysis the guesswork is taken out of the picture for your nutritional needs, which will prove to be vital in your quest for health and wellness. But don’t worry, you won’t just receive a long laboratory report. Dr. B will hold a consultation with you to explain the report in more detail and answer questions. Some more information on hair analysis can be found here.