Health Analysis

Bioenergetic testing allows us to get a detailed look into your current health status, based on cellular information received from your hair and saliva. Your test kit will be mailed directly to you with a pre-paid envelope to send back to the testing center. Once Dr. Brandi receives your report she will forward this to you and schedule a call to go over the results and order your remedies. Together, you will design a protocol designed to help you reach your health goals with these remedies, which will include things like homeopathics, herbs, and nutritional supplements. This test is designed for people of all ages and health levels.

In your report we will see:

*which systems and organs are stressed

*food and environmental sensitivities

*hormone and nutritional imbalances

*presence of environmental toxins, such as molds, parasites, heavy metals, viruses and chemicals.

Then you’ll receive a recommended protocol with herbs, homeopathics, and nutritional supplements that were tested against your hair and saliva to be sure these remedies are right for your body.

Please watch the video below of Dr. Brandi going over the full scan and report in detail.

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